Polyamorous Relationship Rules 2019

Polyamorous Relationship Rules and Regulations

To stay together and contented in a polyamorous relationship you must follow some guided rules. Polyamorous relationship adds quite a significant layer of life complexity atop the already hard job of having to manage romantic relationships. The building of a good poly relationship happens through the following of strict polyamorous relationship guidelines.

However, all the parties involved in a poly relationship needs to follow the laid down agreements for it to succeed carefully.  Additionally, the cumbersome rules and regulations to develop in a polyamorous relationship may become a severe challenge. And especially to other involved partners who love their freedom. But it’s advisable and necessary to enjoy a healthy relationship.

Let’s explore more on the polyamorous relationship guidelines.

  1. Don’t keep scores

Often, in a poly relationship, some partners may get tempted to turn the multiple relationships into a close tallying game. Like complaining you have taken one partner for shopping three times, now it’s my turn, and other complains that equalizes.

However, compassion and fairness play a significant role in worthwhile goals in your relationship. But it’s vital for the partners to understand that something’s doesn’t work in our ways. Fairness in the game of polyamorous ties operates on a different global level and not in a local level.

Keeping scores breaks the relationship, embracing the other poly partners and supporting each other in case of a crisis creates a stronger bond.

  1. No Cheating

Hard one for anyone to believe, no cheating pact in a polyamorous relationship rule creates a better environment for the partners. However, the no cheating rules become the hardest rule to follow since lack of attention may lead one partner to seek for it outside the relationship.

Remember a polyamorous relationship is not cheating since the multiple partners agree to get involved from the start. Each of the poly relationships has some defined guidelines with the most common ones being

  •    Don’t get involved in any sexual or romantic relationship without first getting approval from the other partners. The rule helps the partners to keep off from building resentment towards each other. In some instances, it’s the perfect way of keeping off the physical danger of contracting STDs.
  •    Avoid paying more attention to only one partner than the other. This is Polyamorous relationship ground rule that affects most of the poly partners. And it’s easy for a poly relationship to get lopsided. However, the partners may sometimes get a way of solving the problem, but it always leads to a breakup.
  •    Avoid having sex without using protection. Polyamorous relationships do struggle with the issues of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover applying the above agreement helps to protect the partners.

  1. Be Accountable for your Mistakes

As far as the rules and agreements to follow in any given Polyamorous relationship, this is the most crucial one.  The same rule applies to all other connections. For a poly relationship to remain healthy and stronger, each partner should own up to their mistakes. Also, they should get a way of fixing the errors without hurting others.

  1. Communicate openly

Communication plays a significant role in a Polyamorous relationship like with any other relationship. By communicating with each partner in this relationship leads to more understanding of their needs and wants. But in a poly relationship, it’s easier said than done since with more you may get attracted to one person than the other.

Also, most of the poly partners have to deal with jealousy, but with an open communication channel, you may fix the problem. Needless to say, following this rule is the key to happy and healthy Polyamorous relationship.

  1. Address the Relationship Problems

Addressing a relationship problem is never a healthy idea. Approaching your partner who has caused you pain and isn’t meeting your personal needs carries lots of emotional risks. Sometimes, the partners may opt to let the small problems slide away or wait for them to become significant.

But as tempting the idea to let things slide away, the fact remains that the small and irritations problem bothering any partner in a Polyamorous relationship may become stressful. Addressing even the most minor issue in a relationship keeps it healthy and all partners happy.

Get to learn the emotions of your partners and develop the best tools to bring such problems on the open. Also, solve each issue as it occurs.

  1. Avoid taking sides

In a Polyamorous relationship, there is an occasion when your partners may have disagreements.  When this happens, it’s advisable to let them solve the problem without having to side with any partner.

Regardless of whether you know the truth and want to help, it’s essential to keep off such situations. Remember a situation where one partner feels ganged up may become destructive for everybody.

However, offering your honest opinion when asked by the other partners is advisable. And keep the view positively and sensitively.

  1. Learn to be Flexible

Being flexible to works magic in a Polyamorous relationship given that it helps each partner to accommodate the others needs. However, in a Polyamorous relationship, the power of being flexible may become quite complicated due to the many people involved.

But embracing this rule helps the relationship to move forward and especially regarding solving problems and not taking sides. Creativity and flexibility in a Polyamorous relationship become an asset to all the involved partners.

  1. Learn to stand on your own

Though the many rules and regulations to follow in a Polyamorous relationship may tend to focus on your partners, learn to support yourself.  For you to balance having multiple partners, you need to embrace the power of loving yourself. Also standing on your two feet and being happy alone create a room to enjoy others.



Polyamorous relationships are breathing living and dynamic things. And following the laid down rules, regulations, agreements and pacts leads to a healthy relationship. Keep the Rules short and sweet The Polyamorous relationship rules may prove hard to follow. But ones you get partners ready to provide a haven and secure your connection embrace it. Commit to the ideas and let everything work out to the happiness of your partners.



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