Would you date a bisexual guy?

Are you bisexual?  Will you have dating with bisexual guy? Here are two stories can tell you answers. You could get the right answers that can men be bisexual? Is my boyfriend bisexual? Wiki: Bisexuality Reddit: Would you date a bisexual guy?

One story about Would you date a bisexual guy?

Not only would I, but I did. Two summers ago.

Would you date a bisexual gay?

He was so openly bisexual that when we were together at the beach, he'd comment about which women he found hot.

I found that bemusing, though not at all disturbing. It was just outside my experience. I mean, I've always known bisexual men exist. I've even known some.

Knowing something intellectually is different from experiencing it.

Experiencing him being into me physically and being obviously very sexually aroused by masculinity, even as it was obvious that women revved his engine too — that brought it all home very personally to me.

I enjoyed going out with him.

We weren't all that compatible otherwise, but we were strongly attracted to each other physically, and the sex was great.

Would I date a bisexual man again?

Sure. Why not?

Next time I hope he's a little less into country music, though.

I mean. You know.

Second stoty about Would you date a bisexual guy?

Most of the people who’ve answered so far are openly not heterosexual, so for once my contribution will even out the demographic. LOL THAT’S A FIRST.

I once had a conversation with my mom about this:

Mom: “Why would you date someone who’s bisexual? Aren’t you afraid they’d cheat on you?”

Me: “Mom, what are the chances that dad would ever cheat on you?”

Mom: “Zero.” (This is correct btw, I have amazing parents)

Me: “If dad was bi, sure that’d double the number of people he could potentially cheat on you with, but zero times two is still zero. If I find someone loyal, it won’t matter if they’re straight or bi. Also, I’ve checked out hot girls with my lesbian friends before and that’s something we could TOTALLY bond over.”

The actual conversation I had with her was a lot longer than this because while I had these ideas in my head they weren’t processed well enough for verbalization yet. Regardless, this exchange of understanding was the final result of that conversation.

Another bi guy's story

I am androgynous and I would n ever date gay or straight individuals. There's a level of bi men that monstrosity out in the event that they are inquired as to whether they are gay yet gleam on the off chance that they are viewed as straight... additionally those tumblr cross-sexual feminazis that shout over everybody at gatherings and bitch relentless... I am great.. I simply think gay men and straight ladies are frightening and over the top with the want to delete my reality. It doesn't insult me since I know not to recognize it or specify it since it truly annoys you. Some bi men just need hetero ladies and gay men and same with bi ladies and lesbians and straight men... A few of us lean toward our own. Who cares???

There are some messy, wretched, shady ass swinger individuals and they tend to wind up in show with whorish deceiving gay and straight individuals. My and I are swinger and she bothered me into a thing with another by couple however they are sentimental principally with each other and we keep an eye on just be intrigued with same sex relations together. At the point when it's every one of the four of us, me and the other sweetheart and my better half and the buddy appear to vibe odd. Like we are irritating each other.

That's all.

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would you date a bisexual guy